Giveaway: Logan Richard Belt

Logan Richard:  They’re a belt company based in Burlington, Vermont that has a “preppy” esthetic, but in the original context of the word: practical, timeless, and built to last for the long-haul.

Logan Richards1

The brand came about when owner Logan Szidik took one of his many repp neckties from his days at prep school and had it sewn on top of a leather belt.  The piece was noticed by friends – and strangers – and so he grabbed the rest of his repps, turned them into belts, and started selling them throughout his college days.

Logan Richards 16.2

Four years later, Logan now sources all of his silk from England and hand-cuts each piece of silk before passing everything along to a skilled, local sewer.  As some of you might recognize, I wore one of his belts last week (here) where I got to see the piece with my own eyes.  I have to say, the pictures don’t do justice.  The leather is thick with flawless stitching that isn’t going to give anytime soon (I’ll be nice and refrain from throwing any brands under the bus that don’t do this).

While there may be some similar belts like these out there, none – and I mean none – use a high grade silk like Logan Richard.  Most are some cheap, polyester blends that are used to imitate the look of repp that keeps the costs down and the mark-ups high.  These blends are then glued – instead of stitched – onto the leather and fall apart a year or two later.  With a heavy brass buckle and the personalized touch of initials on the top belt-tail, I have to say….I’m impressed.  Definitely a great year-round piece to own that’s built to last with a cool backstory and an owner who actually cares about the quality of the products he’s making.

Logan Richards 03.2

Today, we’re giving away one of these fantastic belts – and dog collars – on the blog (and he makes them for ladies, too just as an FYI).  The enter, follow the directions below and follow @Loganricharddogs.  We’ll be announcing the winner via Twitter and on the blog Saturday morning.  Comment with any questions you might have and I’ll be happy to answer!


PS:  Use code “PKP” to save 10% off your order at Logan Richard.

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Pre Labor Day Whites

I admit I was one of those people breathing into a paper bag when Lilly Pulitzer released its line with Target. But I can’t say I’m one of those typical “preppy Tumblr girls” who uses her whole paycheck to buy every. Lilly. shift. dress. known to mankind or the type that chooses to live on Nantucket to work in one of its stores all summer. I love the designs and patterns, but like anything  Lilly is nice in moderation.

When the collection went up, I bought two shift dresses along with the pair of gold wedges: practical pieces that I’ve found myself wearing all summer long. Below I’ve paired the gold wedges from the collection with this beautiful white dress from Top Shop that I bought a few years ago for a Labor Day party.  For me, this dress is a core go-to that works well for just about any summer occasion.

While there’s been a lot of controversy around the line, I say wear your Lilly with pride no matter where you bought it or how much it was manufactured for.


Dress: Top Shop (similar)  //  Shoes: Lilly for Target (similar)  //  Bracelets: J.Crew  //  Glasses: Oliver Peoples (similar)  //  Lips: Nars – Cruella  //  Earrings: Julie Vos

Photography by Dina Coloma

Sam Outfit 2-54 Sam Outfit 2-43 Sam Outfit 2-63Sam Outfit 2-48


It’s that time of the year again and I’m not talking about going back to school because I’m still in denial about that (it’s going to be a rough twelve steps over the next few days).  What am I referring to?  The Harriman Polo Cup!

Harriman Polo Cup 01

I’ll admit that I get to go to some pretty cool things, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING – beats crowding onto the LIRR in your best threads for a full day of polo out on Long Island alongside some of New York’s finest.  This year I’ll be doing what I do best: judging…the best dressed…alongside Karen Klopp of What2WearWhere.

What does this mean for you?  That you need to block off Saturday, September 12th and buy your tickets.  Yes there will be staged insta pictures (would you expect anything else from this kind of a crowd?), but the match actually helps to raise money for the continued development of the polo programs at Yale and UVa.

Harriman Polo Cup 07

So if you’re in town or need an excuse to run away from life’s responsibilities – Harriman is your answer.  Check out the website and take a look at 2013 and 2014‘s blog coverage.  Hope to see some of you there!


Proper Profiles: Alex R.

Alex R.:  He’s probably the most unique person we’ve profiled so far.  Why?  Because he has a sense of style that really can’t be categorized.  From his crisp double breasted blazer to his polka-dot ascot, Alex rocks it when it comes to accessories – many of which I could never pull off even with the most creative photoshopping.  Originally from Louisiana, he’s now a New York based buyer for Tom Ford (I’m a size 38R in case Tom needs to get rid of any reject pieces off his hands) who draws his style inspiration from the concrete jungle as well as his southern roots.  I’ve never met Alex, but anyone who walks around with Stubbs is an automatic friend in my book.  Here’s to hoping we see more of Alex – and his satirical writing – on our blog in the very near future.


“My style fits along the lines of timeless elegance. I maintain the sensibilities of the southern gentleman that I am with a New York refinement and taste in my personal style. I’ve been told by a close friend and mentor, “These days ‘Fashion’ is everywhere but ‘Style’ is rare.”

Shirt: Tom Ford  //  Chinos: Uniqlo (similar)  //  Blazer: Ralph Lauren (similar)  //  Ascot: Paul Stuart  //  Pocket Square: Paul Stuart (similar)  //  Slippers: Stubbs & Wootton  //  Cuff Links: Tiffany & Co.  //  Watch: Rotary (similar)  //  Bracelets: Giles & Brother & Hermés  //  Bag: Hermés  //  Sunglasses: Tom Ford  //  Notebook: Smythson
Photography by Dina Coloma 

Alex-7 Alex-38 Alex R 2 Alex-88 Alex-10 Alex R 1 Alex-37 Alex-111 Alex-71

Basics With A Bold Belt

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fashion post and since I know you’re all clamoring to see my face, I decided to pack my tripod with me when I booked a spontaneous trip home late last weekend to do a little shooting.

Living in DC has been fantastic this past summer, but the weather is miserable making non-iron dress shirts a total lifesaver when walking around the city. Below, I’m wearing two simple pieces – a white shirt and a navy pair of shorts (they came from L.L. Bean are are fantastic) – that spotlights the woven silk belt by Logan Richard.

I’ve been keeping up with the brand for a few months now that specializes in handmade belts (and dog collars) that are made right here in the US.  We’re actually going to be doing a giveaway at the beginning of next week (stay tuned), but since I’m impatient I decided to make a blog post with some of the leftover pictures.

While I may look unhappy, it was really nice to spend an afternoon shooting and editing as I feel the last time I did anything like this was in the spring.  Definitely a nice reminder that it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Be sure to check out Logan Richard are keep your eyes peeled for next week’s giveaway.


Shirt: Brooks Brothers  //  Shorts: L.L. Bean  //  Belt: Logan Richard c/o  //  Shoes: Cole Haan (similar)  //  Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Logan Richards 10 Logan Richards 01 Logan Richard 1 Logan Richard 2 Logan Richards 11 Logan Richards 20

Dinner at Medium Rare: Simple, Good and Definitely Going Back

Last night, two of my friends and I journeyed up Connecticut Avenue for dinner at Medium Rare.  Their concept is kind of genius: you get a steak frites with a mixed greens salad for $19.95.  Who can argue with that?

Medium Rare Sign

So despite knowing that I would look like I stepped out the shower, put my shirt on and headed over there, I braved the scorching heat and metroed up to Cleveland Park for what turned out to be a lovely evening.  I’ll often drive around this Connecticut Avenue because I like how it feels like you’re not in a city, plus there’s a great wine and spirits store up that way that sometimes has premium liquor on special.

When we got there at 7:30, the place was abuzz with activity inside.  Because it’s kind of a neighborhood joint, you get the regulars who go straight from the office to the metro to the table, the older couples out for dinner, the cool families who go out on weeknights, and then the twentysomethings.  Even though it has been so hot in DC that I’ve started driving to work, it was actually nice enough that we could eat outside.

Here’s where I have to note Medium Rare’s one drawback: the bar options are limited.  We wanted to order Long Island Iced Teas (it had been a long day), but had to settle for two G&Ts and a Manhattan.

As for the food, ordering it was pretty simple.  The waiter just asked us how we wanted our steaks prepared and a few minutes later, a cake pan full of fresh out of the oven bread so delicious that we couldn’t get it refilled fast enough was placed before us.

Medium Rare Salad

The mixed greens salad was good.  In all honesty, it’s pretty hard to mess that one up.  Since the restaurant clearly knows that people are really there for the steak, ours arrived before we could even finish the salads.

While the photo below doesn’t make it seem like you get enough food, don’t fret.  That’s just the first serving.

Medium Rare Entrée

The waiter came back after about five minutes with a hot skillet full of more steak, fries and their addictive “secret sauce.”  We couldn’t get enough of that sauce.  I don’t want to know what’s in it, but boy was it delicious!  I’m told they’ll keep coming back with more steak, sauce and fries until you say stop, but we called it quits after that second helping.

Medium Rare Second Serving

Since I live for dessert, the mere thought of passing up on it would be unthinkable.  The ice cream sundae was enormous!  It took all three of us to finish it all off, and the mountain of that thick whipped cream you get at the Cheesecake Factory covered with rainbow sprinkles on top only made it better.

Medium Rare Dessert

Medium Rare also has a bottomless brunch that includes two courses, the mind-blowingly delicious bread (I swear I’d go back just to eat it) and bottomless bloodies, screwdrivers or mimosas for only $23, so y’all can bet I’ll be going back very soon!

Without question, Medium Rare was a great choice and I’m pat myself on the back for picking it as I type this.

Medium Rare is located at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Ordway Street.  You can access it via the Red Line by getting off at the Cleveland Park stop.

-John David

Editor’s Note: John David and a friend of his did go back to Medium Rare for brunch.  It wasn’t as good dinner, the service was horrible and their waitress refused to show any sort of sympathy after his friend began having a very serious allergic reaction to the walnuts in their dessert.

August Playlist

August Playlist


RIPTIDE  ::  Vance Joy




SHOW ME LOVE  ::  Sam Feldt


DIZZY  ::  Dimmi


I BET MY LIFE  ::  Imagine Dragons


AIN’T NO SUNSHINE  ::  Simioli


RIVERS  ::  Thomas Jack




SUMMERTIME  ::  Trevor Guthrie


VISIONS  ::  Cheat Codes


REALITY  ::  Lost Frequencies


IN MY PLACE  ::  Lincoln Jesser




AFTERGOLD  ::  Big Wild


TAKE CARE ::  Clément Bcx


WILD EYES  ::  Broiler


HOW HARD I TRY  ::  Strange Talk




OLD SCHOOL  :: Bee’s Knees


1998  ::  Chet Faker




Brunch.  We Washingtonians take it pretty seriously especially in the summer.  Recently I’ve been pretty “meh” about Georgetown as it slowly fills up with commercial chains, but Maxime’s is a breath of (much needed) fresh air.  As the name implies, it’s a French inspired bistro but doesn’t come with all the pomp and circumstance that you would normally expect from the oh-so-humble French.  The place has been totally redone that features a rich interior that’s described by the owner as “French Revolution.”

Maxime 03Featuring in-house pastries, hearty portions, and bottomless mimosas, the place has landed itself as my top brunch spot in Georgetown.  Situated right on M Street, the place is a quick walk from Foggy Bottom for all you GWU students tired of trekking out to 14th street.

Maxime 2

Should you be some bizarre person and be a non-believer in the concept of brunch, you have to go for the desserts.  I had the flourless chocolate cake that was pretty much heaven on earth.Maxime 1

PS:  In case you need an extra push, this place is owned by the same people that founded Thunder Burger across the street.


The Vactioners

The Vactioners.  It’s a book that’s sat on my night-stand for a solid year untouched with dozens of, “I’ll get to it this weekend,” afterthoughts that never came to fruition.   But after cracking it open last month at the beach and then booking a spontaneous flight home (as in 11:00pm on Saturday night), I finished it right before landing in good ole’ Tennessee.


The book follows a dysfunctional family on a trip overseas that – in many respects – I completely related to.  I come from a massive family (like My Big Fat Greek Wedding kind except no one has a travel agency…at least that I know of) where traveling is a lot like a moving carnival: insane people in bright clothes, more luggage than you can imagine, and everyone doing whatever the hell they want while the ring leader (in this case my Mother) tries to maintain order.

Straub – the author – fantastically narrates the thirteen day trip as she slowly unmasks the intimate secrets of a family that’s been hit by some pretty big obstacles the largest one being infidelity.  There’s definitely some heavy moments, but the characters, scenery, and imagery are so vividly constructed that it’s easy to play out the story in one’s head.

There’s a number of great points to make about the book, but the biggest one is Sylvia – the eighteen year old daughter of the Post family.  While young, she’s one of those people who – simply put – is an old soul.  She mocks her generation, prefers to be alone, and has some killer one-liners that (on numerous occasions) had me laughing to myself as I sat crammed into seat 3A.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I felt Sylvia was really relatable.  Like, “Woah…that was me three years ago.”  I never believed in that kind of stuff (always thought it was a bunch of bs), but the book just took on so much more meaning when you can connect the story back to your own experiences, opinions, or character traits.  It was weird…but very cool.

I know the book’s gotten great press, but I feel it was vastly under-rated from what I read.  Yea it’s “technically” a beach read, but the book has some deeper, subliminal messages that made me walk away feeling as if I learned something.

So while many of our summer vacations are over (I’m in total denial about going back to school), I encourage you to pick up “The Vactioners” by Emma Straub.  If nothing else, the book jacket makes for an excellent staged Instagram shoot…#GuiltyAsCharged.


Proper Profiles: Sophie S.

Sophie S:.  A few days ago I said how much I hated bloggers being on Snapchat.  Well…I redact – Sophie’s the exception.  I met Sophie when I was in NYC a few months ago after coming across her Instagram and blog.  In an attempt to not sound obsessive, Sophie’s just fantastic.  Her style is effortless and – for having a massive following – completely down-to-earth and fun to hang around.  Over the past few weeks, she’s been touring around Europe that’s included helicopter rides, medieval castles, and some fantastic scenery that she’s somehow been able to capture via snapchat.  My point?  Her life’s a little more exciting than doughnuts and daily Starbucks runs.  So check out her blog, her Instagram, and follow long on snapchat as she continues on her adventures.  You won’t be disappointed.


“I like to think of my style as classic, but always with a twist. My two big style inspirations are Grace Kelly and New York City. I always try to go for a casual chic look with clean colors that I could wear anywhere should my day take an unexpected turn. Style should always be effortless so I never allow myself more than 10 minutes to get ready in the morning.”


Skirt: Club Monaco  //  Top: Theory (similar)  //  Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas  //  Bag: Saint Laurent  //  Jewelry: Anna Inspring, Rolex, & Vintage

Photography by Dina Joanna

Sophie-4 copy Sophie-26 copy Sophie-42 copy Sophie-28 copy Sophie S Sophie-9 copy Sophie-68 copy